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Strategic Transport Plan: “Movement for Growth”

The West Midlands ITA on 17 December approved the final version to “Movement for Growth”. This includes both the full and summary documents are available to download below as is a summary presentation;

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Strategic Transport Plan, West Midlands ITA Policy and Strategy Team, 16 Summer Lane, Birmingham, B19 3SD.

Available Documents


Available Documents

Midlands Connect

The Midlands Connect Partnership has been charged with developing a Midlands-wide transport strategy to drive the regional economy and power the Government’s ambition to build a Midlands Engine for Growth.

The strategy, to be developed jointly by the Midlands Connect Partnership and the Department for Transport, will set out credible long-term transport investment priorities to help unlock growth and jobs.

Midlands Connect brings together key political and industry leaders from across the East and West Midlands to make the Midlands into an “Engine for Growth” and secure the necessary strategic investment in the Midlands’s transport infrastructure.

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West Midlands HS2 Connectivity Programme

Details of the West Midlands HS2 Connectivity Programme are shown in the attached document:



    The West Midlands is at the heart of the UK's transport network, a major advantage to our businesses. Freight and logistics are therefore vital to our economic activity and development. They support people and businesses in their daily activities, ranging from deliveries to homes and shops through to transferring goods to and from factories or getting supplies to offices.

    The Freight Strategy shows a vision for freight across the West Midlands as well as seeking views on key issues which will continue to steer the strategy.

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    West Midland Rail

    West Midlands Rail representing the region's metropolitan, shire and unitary authorities, plans to gain greater influence and control over local rail services from 2017, leading to the creation of a fully devolved West Midlands Rail Contract. WMR is a partnership of fourteen Metropolitan District, Shire and Unitary local transport authorities that cover the proposed map of the devolved rail services.  

    ITA Chair - Cllr Roger Lawrence is vice chair of WMR. 

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      2011-2015 Local Transport Plan

      The West Midlands Local Transport Plan (LTP) 2011-2015 has now been replaced by "Movement for Growth" the West Midlands Strategic Transport Plan.

      For information, the 2011 LTP documents and summary are available to download:

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